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such a cliche but so glad it's That Day...
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You know, the day they name bad restaurants after.

Still sniffly, but continuing to improve. Was not quite able to implement the insane gym plan of the theraflu haze this morning. Christopher's got a throat tickle now, but we've put him on zicam swabs (should have done this two days ago really) I'm hopin' and wishin' and prayin' and hopin' that he avoids this plague.

Little things I noticed today...

As long as there's snow on the ground and ice in the creek, the Alaskan who calls himself Papa Pilgrim can drive a bulldozer nine times in the next 13 months across the largest national park in the United States, according to the National Park Service. (from the Wash Post)

NYT has a big story on the cadaver trade. I want to know when Mary Roach is going to write about this latest controversy. I enjoyed her book STIFFED last year.

Online book clubs, also in the NYT. (Via The Elegant Variation.)

And speaking of Beatrice, which we weren't, he has an interesting post on Kingdom Hospital, which makes it sound intriguing and I may have to give in and watch an episode after all. Wallace Stevens is my man.

And over at Wordplay today Terry Rossio divulges one reason a project called Instant Karma won't be set up at New Line. It's quite interesting if horrifying and still a little shocking (the cold has turned me into a babe in the woods of soft light). It seems "one of the reasons given for not making the film was that it was that it was not a family movie, and one of the reasons it was considered not a family movie was that karma wasn't Christian, like THE PASSION." (Terry does go on in that post to say that not everyone at New Line felt this way, but still, this was my jaw-dropper of the day.)

Have a nice evening. We'll be on the couch, checking out Wonderfalls, drinking beaujolais, and reading stuff.

worm: possibly Wonderfalls, we'll see.

today's fave post: "The Editions Game" by Sarah Weinman

namecheck: Terry "California" Bisson

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