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This particular entry, that is.

Friday night we blew off the readings, feeling cultured enough thank you, and instead drank a couple of glasses of wine, had some mahi-mahi, talked to Richard and Boris the Cat on the phone (well, one of them at least), and watched Wonderfalls (well, one of us at least).

We decided to hold off on seeing our Humana Festival plays till next weekend, as we like to push everything just up to the wire. If you're a wire pusher and haven't sent us a Say... submission yet, I believe you have till Thursday to get it postmarked. We're hoping to clear everything out in the next week and a half or so -- no really, so watch your inboxes and p.o. boxes if you've sent us stuff.

Christopher updated his journal -- no, really. It's a nice, long entry that will explain some of my vague references to being under a lot of stress for the last month or so. And, of course, it has bicycles!

A few things:

A story on John Hughes, Auteur, in the Independent, via the cinetrix.

A fascinating NYTimes piece on Santa Muerte, a devilish saint peculiar to Mexico City, via David Moles. This reminds me of the Miami New Times story from several years ago about Bloody Mary and the myths of the street children in Miami (yet another never-heard-from-again Clive Barker project). (A google search seems to suggest that the reporter Lynda Edwards is now an AP stringer in Mississipi -- you could do worse than to look up her other stories at the New Times.)

And Strange Horizons has a great interview with the wondrous, amazing and obvious contender to hold the One Ring of Power Karen Joy Fowler, about THE JANE AUSTEN BOOK CLUB and other things.

Good night.

worm: "The Chimbley Sweep," The Decemberists

today's fave post: Barb on Groucho Marx and "You Bet Your Life"

namecheck: Boris

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