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I find myself with very little to say today. (And yet, still here.) And oddly impatient with the weather, because it seems George the Dog needs a walk and just keeps twinkling down rain anyway.

wicked & weird I'm a road hog with an old dog
singing slow songs trying to hold on
wicked & weird I'm a rat fish
trying to practice doing backflips on your mattress

Sorry, that was a musical interlude.

Elsewhere people are talking about realizing the potential of blogs by providing more official or contemplative or original content. I, as someone with ten readers and a dixie cup, do not have to worry about being anyone's source of news. This place started as a lark, because Alan made a blog, and then Barzak did, and Richard already had a not weblog. A whole bunch of us got them all at once. I was really behind on email. It seemed like a good way to keep up, without keeping up. And people had started making jokes about all the articles I would find and email to them. Also, I had plenty o time for posting during certain hours if you know what I mean.

Here's what I think is true about links, and why I don't worry too awful much about them. Links probably have about a 10 percent sell through rate. Especially if there are a lot of them. I click a fraction of the links I see places. That isn't why I read the blogs I read. I sure hope it's not the reason you ten read this thing (though I do still put up links to any stories I read and find interesting throughout the day, mostly so I don't fill up people's inboxes with articles -- this way they get to choose).

I can't quite imagine doing anything other than this informal thing with my blog in this incarnation. But surely there is a world where Christopher Rowe's Tales of the Incredibly Hideous Vampire get posted, and the occasional nonsensical interview just for laughs. But mostly, I think that day is far off. As for criticism, I tend not to write about things I don't like, unless they're just abyssmal, because well, life's too short and everyone has access to google these days. I don't want to carelessly hurt someone just to be easy or clever, especially if I just didn't get what they were doing or it just wasn't my thing. I also don't generally read/watch/listen to that many things I don't have good feelings about (filtered!). And I don't want writing here to negatively impact the other writing, the kind that counts, in terms of energy or time or focus.

Wow. THIS is what an entry without an entry looks like. I'll stop now, but feel free to shout out if there's something you'd rather see more or less of here on my threadbare quilt.

worm: Uh, still "Wicked & Weird," Buck 65

today's fave post: And it's a tie between Susan on her jury experience and Terry on finishing the Balanchine book (and on writing it)

namecheck: Chris "Musics Plural" McLaren

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