Shaken and Stirred
bond, gwenda bond

10 things learned on road trip to Hickory, N.C.
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There is a dire lack of cheesy magazines -- even Weekly World News -- at your finer and not-so-finer gas stations;

Apparently, I always overestimate how quickly we'll arrive and fail to notice how late actual arrival is, instead preferring to believe that the road knows no time;

I-40 at night can be kind of like a roller coaster in the passenger seat;

Your zombie contingency plan isn't as good as you think and you should work on it;

The Big Red Hammer never kills Dr. Lucky;

Flaws are often instrinsic to best-loved things/people/places, as long as they're part of a whole that's greater than some of its parts;

The International House of Pancakes over by the Barnes and Noble is both the best and most popular place to have breakfast in Hickory;

Games stall if everyone has the same strategy;

The longer oatmeal takes to cook, the better it is;

Two words: Rigor & Engagement.

worm: "Strange Angels," Kristin Hersh

freaking good post: Greg's parking lot carnival photos

namecheck: That School Teacher Who Invented AIRBORNE which we're all addicted to like crack now

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