Shaken and Stirred
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editing hard too. sleep good.
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I wrote this whole entry last night and then boom, it disappeared when I went to post it. (Yes, yes, I know I should compose elsewhere. I should note that this happened all the time at blogger, and has never happened before here.) The trusty autosave could not be availed. Damn you, internet explorer!


We've set the TOC for the next issue of the magazine (Say...why aren't we crying?) and now are just waiting for acceptances and rejections to wend their ways before announcing it. Keep an eye on Christopher's blog. Wow, was it hard choosing this time. It's my theory that we have the very best slush pile, and it just keeps getting better. So much good stuff, and this issue is going to kick ass. Thanks to those of you who submitted for making our jobs so hard and to those of you who didn't for not making them any harder.

That's all. My head hurts and I have a busy day ahead, so just a couple of quick things that were also lost.

Hank Steuver overwhelmed by Grrl power in D.C., makes me wish I'd been there.

And Robin Givhan had a fascinating obit for Estee Lauder, dead at 97 (or some age like that; a legend has the right to be coy).

But if history is to be fair to her, it will remember that Lauder believed every woman could be beautiful. She left it to everyone else to define what that meant.

My grandmother is an Estee Lauder lady, from way back. She has great skin, for what it's worth. I also have received about forty bottles of the foul-smelling, worst name ever-winner Youth Dew, the signature fragrance. Yuck. All these bottles remain stuffed in the bottom of my childhood underwear drawer, much like Richard's PolaPan though not as frosty.

Also, Barb Gilly has put up BEAUUUTiful photographs and a description of her NC Litfest experience.

Now I must go have breakfast. More later.

worm: "Exes," Buck 65

thingy/s to check out: Duplex Planet

namecheck: Susan "I Will Call On Your Knitting Knowledge" Groppi (My mother actually cackled when I told her I was learning; oh, I don't mean to be discouraging, but it's really hard, she said. I still have a half a sweater from the mid-70s somewhere.

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