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long days, or something like them
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Really not much to say, except I was gone all day doing some "I Pretend I Know Stuff You Don't" type things and didn't get a chance to look in on or answer any email. So... don't be offended if I owe you a response.

Home and a few miles on the bike, to the grocery store (for wine, natch), just to feel movement. It was a lovely day for a bike (and a drive actually). We set up shop on the couch and watched Whedonville. The pilot of Firefly -- insert Fox executive crazy, crazy you should be ashamed and unable to look at your children rant -- and then one of the last Angel eps. Thinking about how little TV I'm addicted to right now makes me sad.

Tomorrow, we return to something approximating regular scheduling and programming?


This is my new bicycle. Isn't it pretty?

Sadly, they don't put pictures of my helmet online. But it's spiffy.

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