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I was informed today that my blogs are far too stodgy and boring, and that I might actually increase readership by "sexing things up".

Okay. So we were talking about porn in my workplace yesterday. Specifically, there was a scene in the movie Auto Focus where Crane's wife finds his porno magazines, and gets upset.

Now men are often accused of being clueless about how women tick, and the cliche is that men are simple creatures, easily understood.

Porn falls into this paradigm. We are easy to figure out. We are visually stimulated. Even if we were getting laid three times a day, with different, highly-attractive women, we would still want to look at porn. It's nothing personal, ladies.

It doesn't mean that if we're married to you, or in any kind of relationship with you, that we don't still find you attractive, or necessarily that we don't love you or want to cheat on you or anything else. We just want to look at as wide a variety of boobs, legs, and ass that we can get our hands on. This is not justification for feeling threatened or insecure. This is, I assure you, perfectly normal.

I guarantee you, any man within a 50 mile radius of an internet connection is going to get his porn. If you have a connection in the house, chances are he's either got his favorite pages bookmarked or a file on the hard drive entitled "Tax Records" (or some similar subterfuge to make sure you'd never want to go near that folder), which is actually full of half-naked cheerleaders and whatnot.

In fact, if there were a man out there who was not consuming porn on a regular basis, I would be more inclined to consider him abnormal.

Read/Post Comments (10)

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