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Well, I'm headed down to Lockhart, Texas for the Thanksgiving holidays. It's that time of the year to stuff your gullet with turkey and dressing and thank who-or-whatever for our glorious bounty by gorging ourselves on our plenty.

So of course, it's one of my favorite holidays. It's centered primarily around food...what's not to like?

Part of the problem is, I'm aware that I live in relatively opulent extravagance, compared to most of the rest of humanity. I have a pretty cush life...almost all we Americans do. And I realize how fortunate I am to live in such luxury.

But the problem with the notion of "thanks giving" is that since I don't believe in god, there's nobody really to thank for it. I could thank my parents for housing and feeding me in my childhood, but not really for having been here in the first place. After all, they lucked into being Americans too.

Maybe something like "Awareness That You've Got It Good Day" would be more fitting.


Anyway, I'll be offline for a few days, trying to keep my family from driving me completely insane (I did this for years though, so I've got a lot of practice) and eating lots of pumpkin-based perishables.

See you on Sunday.

And Happy Awareness That You've Got It Good Day.

Read/Post Comments (2)

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