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Rounding Up Immigrants
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Isn't the headline to this Reuter's story just a little-teensy bit inflammatory and misleading?

"Hundreds of Muslim Immigrants Rounded Up in California"

We get paragraphs like this:

The arrests sparked a demonstration by hundreds of Iranians outside a Los Angeles immigration office. The protesters carried banners saying "What's next? Concentration camps?" and "What happened to liberty and justice?."

and other enraged reactions, plus indications that officials aren't releasing any numbers yet, making it all seem nefarious and horrifying.

It isn't until two-thirds of the way into the story we learn:

INS spokesman Arcaute said those arrested had violated immigration laws, overstayed their visas, or were wanted for crimes.

Oh, so they're illegal immigrants. Yeah, that's just like concentration camps. So why the hell doesn't the headline read something like: "Illegal Immigrants Held in California"? I guess that would be too unfair and biased, right?

Look, if the INS is doing something they shouldn't be doing, fine, I want to know. But if they're holding people who have committed a crime, or who have overstayed visas, I have no sympathy for these people.

I lived in Japan for two years, and I had to renew my visa twice. If my visa had expired, I wouldn't have protested if they'd held or deported me. You'd better believe that if I were living in a country at war, I'd be sure to get my goddamn ducks in a row regarding my visa status.

Read/Post Comments (2)

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