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Would You Want to Clone Yourself?
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Incidentally, on a related note, would any of you out there consider having yourself cloned?

I have my doubts that the Raelians have accomplished human cloning, but even so, it doesn't look like it's too far off in the future.

If I seriously asked myself the question, I find it a pretty interesting question. I'm 31 and unmarried. Would I want to become a single parent, with my clone as my "son", if in the near future I would be able to hire a surrogate for a reasonable price?

Would it be an act of pure vanity?

Would the child be completely different growing up in a completely different environment?

Would he be ridiculed at school, or would other kids think it was cool?

Would I be his guardian, and would he then be my closest living relative?

Hmm...I'm not saying I'd seriously consider such a think, but it is interesting to think about (and perhaps write a story about).

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