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Another Dawkins Gaffe
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As more proof that a single person can be utterly brilliant and utterly stupid at the same time, Richard Dawkins announces his nominee for Villain of the Year in the Independent (via Andrew Sullivan):

Villain: George Bush
This illiterate buffoon cheated his way into the White House with the help of his well-connected family and friends. Having dismally failed to anticipate or prevent the atrocity of September 11, he spent the rest of the day zigzagging around the country like a jet-propelled chicken. His personal cowardice was mirrored in the country at large, and he fanned it to his advantage in the mid-term elections, and now, to foment an unprovoked war that has nothing to do with terrorism and everything to do with oil. His record on the environment is as appalling as you would expect. Bush is rightly despised throughout the world, and it is humiliating that Britain is seen as his only ally.

Now how could a man who is such a brilliant, outspoken advocate of rationalism be so irrational? Good grief.

And just a couple of months ago, Dawkins was off-handedly saying that a child being fondled by an adult wasn't that bad.

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