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Full-court Blix
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Hans Blix is talking to the U.N. right now, giving them another report on Iraqi cooperation. Guess what? They're still not completely complying. But they're complying a little bit more than last time. Isn't that great? If we keep giving them more and more time, they'll cooperate a little bit more each month. Wonderful!

Get this, from the CNN story:

At issue is whether the regime of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein is in "material breach" of Security Council Resolution 1441, passed unanimously in November. The resolution demanded that Iraq disclose its capabilities to make chemical, biological and nuclear weapons, cooperate with U.N. inspectors and give up weapons prohibited by agreements signed at the end of the Persian Gulf War.

And since they haven't fully done any of these things, whether or not they're in material breach is "at issue"? Huh?

If the resolution calls for them to take certain, very specific actions, and they're not taking those actions, how are they not in material breach of the resolution? I still haven't heard anyone adequately explain this.

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