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Action Alert: Human Cloning Ban
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First check out this repugnant article by Senator Sam Brownback regarding the ban on human cloning in the U.S.

Ultimately, whether or not the Raelian claim of a live-born human clone is proven to be true or false, we all know that a live-born human clone is either already among us or soon will be.

Yes folks, the clones are among us! Board up the windows and git in the cellar!

In fact, it is widely known that work has already begun in numerous biotech labs in this country and around the world for the mass production of made-to-order human clones.

Mass hear that, Ma? Run for the hills! They're getting ready to mass produce clones!

Some who support human cloning would have society believe that there are two different types of cloning: so-called "reproductive" and so-called "therapeutic."

Not enough to label them "so-called". He's gotta put quotes around them too. Of course, the point he's hammering home so delicately is that he doesn't distinguish between the two. Why? Because he's a moron. Of course there's a difference.

Okay, that's enough...

Now then, click over to my Links page. At the bottom of the first column there are links to write your House Representative and your Senator. H.R. 234 and S. 245 are the respective pieces of legislation in the House and Senate. Do a good deed today and write your reps on both sides of Congress, letting them know how you feel.

I sent Pete Sessions the following letter:

I'm writing with regard to H.R. 234, the bill to amend title 18, United States Code, to prohibit human cloning.

I am strongly against this bill, and hope that you will not vote for it.

The language of the bill severely restricts any genetic research performed with human cells or tissues, not just human embryos. It is my firm belief that these restrictions are an impediment to scientific progress in many important areas, from investigating the root causes of disease to providing treatment to many forms of human suffering.

Please, on behalf of your constituents in Texas, do not vote for H.R. 234.

Thank you,
Derek James

I encourage you to do the same.

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