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Would You Vote for a Jew?
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I've had two people in the last few weeks say to me, while discussing the Democratic candidates for President, something like: "Well, I like Joe Lieberman, but I wouldn't want a Jewish President, especially not right now."

Personally, I find this sort of sentiment appalling. A candidate should first be judged on their merits, their stances, their leadership ability.

I understand the argument that the President represents the U.S. to the world, so their is also his/her ability to communicate effectively and be able to adequately represent U.S. interests. But not electing a Jewish President because large segments of the world would see it as strengthening ties to Israel, or that Jews are exerting an undue influence over Washington...well, that's disgusting.

Anti-Semitism is very real and very prevalent. If you're choosing not to vote for someone because of how another country will perceive it, because they're anti-Semetic, is cowardly and bigoted.

Should we not vote for a woman because many countries do not consider them equals? A female President would be less able to conduct foreign affairs, if some foreign leaders wouldn't respect her or take her seriously because of her gender. But would voting against a female candidate be anything but bigoted, only by proxy?

We'd be letting the socially-stunted views of other countries influence how we choose our leaders. It would be wrong.

That said, I wouldn't vote for Lieberman. Not because he's a Jew, but because he's the precise opposite of what I want in a candidate's views. He's socially conservative and fiscally liberal...the worst of both worlds.

But would you vote for him? And would his Jewishness play a part in that decision?

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