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Kim Jong (makes me) Ill
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Ironically, there's a distinct possibility that we could be going to war with North Korea before Iraq.

AS IN THE air encounter over the Sea of Japan, the officials said they expect that North Korea will seek to stop short of crossing any red lines that could lead to war. But the intelligence officials warned in an interview that such lines are hard to define, and raised the prospect that a miscalculation or accident could result in hostilities between the two countries.

It's still appalling that other countries in the region just want us to deal with it, like we can wave a goddamn magic wand and make all the problems go away. News flash folks, North Korea is your problem too. International disengagement from dealing with North Korea is dangerous and stupid. Russia, China, Japan, and South Korea have all essentially dumped the problem in our lap, and South Korea is going so far as to blame us for the spate of recent provocations.

As inhumane as it sounds, the prospect of pulling out of South Korea and throwing them to the lions sounds more and more appealing. You want to deal with the stunted psychopath to the north who's feverishly enriching enough fissile material to manufacture half a dozen nukes in time for Christmas, who's people are so fucking hungry they're eating bugs out of the roadside weeds, and who has enough artillery lined up along the DMZ to obliterate Seoul and every other major city in the upper half of your country?

You don't like the way we're handling it? Fine. You fucking handle it.

Read/Post Comments (3)

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