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Dwindling Human Shields
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Apparently five more of the Iraqi human shields have been booted out of Iraq by the Iraqi government:

Five volunteers who went to Iraq to serve as "human shields," including two Americans, were forced out of the country because they were critical of the government's choice of sites to protect, the head of the group said Wednesday.

They had chosen locations "essential to the civilian population," such as food storage warehouses and water and electricity facilities, said Ken O'Keefe, of Haleiwa, Hawaii.

But the Iraqi government wanted the shields in more sensitive locations, he said. He did not elaborate, but some earlier activists have also left Iraq, reportedly after being told they would be posted at potentially strategic targets, such as oil refineries and power plants.

Disillusionment is often a hard pill to choke down.

Ironic, ain't it? People from free countries went to an oppressed country thinking they'd be able to do what they wanted. Hmm...

Now, it's difficult to distinguish between misinformation and the real stuff, especially when it comes to upcoming military plans, but I've heard several reports saying that critical infrastructure will not be targetted, that is, water treatment facilities, bridges, etc. I've heard military officials being quoted saying the basic idea is to bomb the hell out of control and command centers for the Iraqi military, as well as symbolic targets like Saddam's palaces, in an attempt to compel as many defections as possible from the Iraqi army and seize as much territory as quickly as possible.

My guess is that the human shields were being told to camp out at these primary targets, and not grain refineries and water treatment facilities.

I don't know what's going to happen to these people when they get back over here, but I for one won't be welcoming them home.

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