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Healy on Gulf War I
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Well, Gene Healy certainly doesn't mince words on where he stands (firmly on the side of absolute isolationism):

Gene (excerpt from post): The hawks were equally self-congratulatory after Gulf War I. The blowback from that splendid little war came 10 years later on a horrible fall day that none of us will ever forget.

Me: Are you suggesting that international forces should have let Iraq annex Kuwait?

Gene: And you bet your ass we should have let him take Kuwait. Who the hell cares?

Sure, fuck the rest of the world. Iraq invaded a sovereign nation. The rest of the world united to expel him. And we did.

Gene would have thrown them to the wolves, allowing Kuwait to become a province of Iraq.

Now that's wise foreign policy. Exactly how many countries would it have been acceptable for Saddam to conquer before we gave a shit? Presumably, Gene wouldn't care unless we were directly attacked.

And if nations friendly to us are attacked and conquered? Screw 'em...right Gene?

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