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Bad Analogies
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And some of you thought my analogies were weak.

Have a look at this.

--Saddam Hussein is like a guy who writes reports.

--VX gas and anthrax are like a letter opener.

--Beating your kids is like decades of Stalinist totalitarianism, replete with systematic torture, murder, and rape as a political weapon, using chemical weapons against neighboring countries and indigenous citizenry, and financially supporting Palestinian suicide bombers.

--Britain is like a hot co-worker.

--Invading Kuwait, killing hundreds in their military, using hundreds more Kuwaiti civilians as human shields, and summarily executing any suspected Kuwaiti dissidents is like putting your posters up in somebody else's cubicle.

The only analogy that has any merit is the shooting at the end. But since it's the only one aligned with reality, it seems out of proportion.

Which is the purpose of the whole ridiculous thing. To make such an action seem extreme.

Read/Post Comments (8)

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