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Responses to Lamott
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Again via Andrew Sullivan, here are some letters to the editor regarding Lamott's flighty, goofy ramblings (scroll down to the bottom).

Three positive and one very funny parody:

Dear Sir:

I force myself to get through these articles because I usually read most of what you put up on your site.

Do you get positive feedback from this kind of writing? Just curious. Knowing that someone actually likes this will make it possible for me to hug myself, buy myself a felt pen or maybe a pair of socks, and begin to love again. That is, unless it's raining, because that scares me, all the lightning and thunder and big nasty black clouds, but then I feel better because I know someday the sun will come out and warm the earth with its tender golden rays, and then I realize that hey, life is great and if we would all just love each other like I love everyone even though they don't love me, the world would be this great lovefest and that would be lovely, wouldn't it?

Until then, I am going to hide out at home with a big bucket of Häagen-Dazs chocolate ice cream until the world comes to its senses.

-- Brian Asmus, Taipei, Taiwan

And yet, no one ever called her on the Klansman reference. At least no one that was printed. One even called the piece a "Flower in the Desert". Yeah, maybe a cactus with rancid juice inside.

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