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Weekend Wrap-up
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This weekend, even after swearing off professional baseball, I went to see the Texas Rangers, and they actually won a game. The players are the most spoiled among professional atheletes, with the strongest union. Multiple strikes have demonstrated that they're basically a bunch of greedy infants.

And yet, I still enjoyed the game. Go figure.

While the game was going on there were reports of tornados being sighted in surrounding counties. The flags were snapping so hard I thought they might rip right off the poles. But amazingly, there was no rain, or hail, or funnel clouds.

Philip and I spent most of Sunday working on the neural net project. We stepped through most of the code for the main evolver, and though there's still a lot of work to do (for example, all of our data storage mechanisms for diagnostic purposes), it looks like the core engine of our evolutionary algorithm is working pretty well.

Another few weeks to a month and we'll be able to start working on our first game AI, I think.

On the writing front, I got another story in the mail, giving me 11 out in circulation (though I think at least two of those are probably dead...they've been out so long). I still think it's possible to get up to fifteen stories in circulation by summer.

Mike and I are still doing the final polishes on our collaboration, "The Shadow Wolf", and that should be ready to send out soon.

And while Mike is hip-deep in a Dare right now, and I'm not, I'm taking off the week after Easter Sunday and heading to a remote location, away from most media and all distraction, to start a new novel. Negotiations are underway with a friend to use a secluded lakeside cabin out in the piney woods of East Texas.

That's the plan anyway.

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