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Riding Saddam's Head
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Critics of this war will no doubt be blind and deaf to the obvious relief and goodwill of those Iraqis who are now shed of a horrendous and dangerous leaders. They'll spin it out of spite, out of political grudges, and because of the backed-up bile in their psyches they won't be able to view the actual good that sometimes comes from the very real horror of war.

An example.

They're happy today, because the Marines mean Saddam is gone. What happens when those same Marines have to give them orders directed from the new US governor of the province? Will they be happy then?

If this is liberation, why didn't they fight, and why did they loot their own city? No cops, no soldiers, just a power vacuum. What bothers me is what will they do when we try to impose not just basic order, but a military government.

Ah, that's the way to savor the moment. Already start carping on the future. I mean, why acknowledge real success when you can focus on presumed failure in your murky brown crystal ball? Look, over there, people cheering, people smiling. Bah, go away...I'm busy scribbling up a diatribe about how it's all going to fail. Lovely.

How to recognize if you're part of this troglodytic crew?

Well, how do you react to this?

A group of Iraqi men later dragged the head of the statue down the street, taking turns riding on the gigantic head as others slapped at it with their shoes.

Do you feel a sour grimace cross your face, or a smile?

Read/Post Comments (5)

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