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Get Out Yer Tinfoil Hats
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And shutter your windows (the black helicopters can read your mind).

There's already a nasty, stupid meme spreading about on the net, that the pulling down of the Saddam statue two days ago was staged.

Our good friend Douglas Lain links to it, saying:

Don't know how good this information is, but it seems likely to me. (Matches my world view, etc...)

In other words, I don't know if it's bullshit, but I want to believe it so I will.

And Charlie Stross likewise links to the same page, along with this heartwarming assessment:

Looks like it was a US tank that did the pulling. In front of a rather small crowd who, under the guns of the US military, did what any prudent native of an occupied country would do and danced like monkeys.

Nice, Charlie.

Yeah, this lady's a monkey, performing for the U.S. conquerers (or, no doubt, she'll turn out to be Chalabi's mom).

Here are some more performing monkeys:


And finally, a little monkey who no doubt had help making his illiterate scribblings with the help of the CIA.

Eventually, all these scenes will be exposed for what they are: staged fakery by the imperialist Americans, pulling the puppet strings of the cowering Iraqi masses.

No true emotion in any of those photos. All duress under the guns of the invading American military.

Well...time to go check my molars for tiny radios.

Read/Post Comments (19)

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