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For those anti-war folks, naysayers, and world leaders who are already saying, "See? See? There are no weapons! They haven't found any weapons! The war was unjustified!", I say to you:

Chill the hell out and show a little effing patience. M,kay?

I mean, two weeks into the war, many were bitching, pulling out the "Q" word, and posing as arm-chair generals. They were whining that they'd been lied to, that the war was supposed to be over in a friggin' week.

The minute the regime is ousted, they want instant law, order, and stability. Three weeks into the campaign, they want proof of chem/bio weapons and a nuke program.

News flash guys: Our troops were busy getting shot at and shooting back. Their main priority the past week hasn't been to validate the war, it's been to fight it.

No doubt a week from now they'll be bitching that we haven't had free elections in Iraq yet. Reminder: It took seven years to democratize Japan, and we still have troops there. This ain't gonna happen overnight, so keep your damn shorts on.

Read/Post Comments (26)

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