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Bigamy and Sodomy Laws
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I watched the last half of This Week, and Fareed Zakaria and George Will had an interchange about sodomy laws in light of Rick Santorum's recent statements about homosexuality.

Will asked Zakaria why sodomy should be legal if bigamy remained illegal.

Zakaria answered that every political issue was a slippery slope, and that he would draw the line of legality to include homosexuality, and stop there.

Will thinks both should be illegal.

Zakaria presumably thinks sodomy should be legal, while bigamy should not.

They're both wrong.

They should both be legal.

Bigamy laws are among the most idiotic in this country. If someone can explain to me why I shouldn't be allowed to enter into a relationship with two other consenting adults, I'd like to hear it.

Actually, you could argue that I should be able to, I just shouldn't be able to enter a legal relationship with two other people. Again, why the hell not?

Realistically, it seems to me that there should be no legal definition of marriage. It's basically defunct as an institution for the most part anyway. There are more single mothers than ever before in our nation, and children in smaller households simply do not develop emotionally or mentally as well as they do in larger households. So, in fact, there's a very strong argument that the government should be encouraging bigamy, if it is ostensibly interested in the general welfare and happiness of its citizens, and not in promulgating a particular type of relationship.

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