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Even More Annoying Than Andy Rooney
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I've been a long-time watcher of 60 Minutes. I think they're among the best of TV journalism.

But for the love of all things sweet and holy they must discontinue the Clinton/Dole/Clinton/Dole/ad infinitum segment.

It makes Andy Rooney's inane rambling look like the work of a genius by comparison.

Tonight, sandwiched between some fairly interesting stories about Afghanistan, a bizarre CIA/Ringling Bros. plot, and a lady who hunts terrorists, there they were, babbling about reality TV shows.

Dole was bitching about how they hurt our kids, how the networks should have higher cultural standards, and so forth. Bob? For frick's sake, dude, look who signs your paycheck. Hint: They're the same people that show the tripe known as Survivor.

And I know it's in poor taste to criticize someone's appearance, but I have to admit that Bob Dole's giant, fishy, unblinking eyes frighten the hell out of me. Then again, I'm house-sitting for a friend and they do have a big-screen TV. But jeez.

Then Clinton starts rambling on about how the Republicans want to cut after-school programs. Huh?

The whole spectacle is pathetic. It's worse than's downright painful to watch.

At least with Andy I could just change the channel after the last story.

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