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Bush's AIDS Policy
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Okay, here's a decent litmus test for partisanship in American politics. Today, Bush is set to sign a $15 billion AIDS treatment and prevention plan.

Now, this is good policy. I say that even though I believe a greater proportion of the money would be better spent on prevention, and that of that preventative aid, more should be spent on condoms and condom education.

This was the compromise:

To appease conservatives, the measure says one-third of the money going toward prevention be set aside for projects that promote abstinence an issue that was prominent in the final congressional debate. The bill says religious groups will not lose funding because they oppose certain preventive methods, such as condom distribution.

Okay, so a third of the spending is for abstinence, which is unrealistic. But I say again...this is humane, worthy, good policy.

And yet, somehow I imagine there are those polarized around the end of the political spectrum as far from Bush as they can be, who will find plenty of fault with the plan. It's not enough. It's too little too late. Any compromise with conservatives to make the plan a reality was a stupid betrayal.

So here's an assignment for the day, should you choose to accept it: Can anyone find me a liberal, hell, even a liberal-centrist, blogger out there who has mostly good things to say about Bush's AIDS plan?

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