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Social Insecurity
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One day Social Security will implode, like a bad pyramid scheme, and either my generation or the next will be left holding the bag.


Because a government-sponsored retirement program for everybody is just flat-out stupid. Like welfare, food stamps, unemployment, and other saftey-net systems, Social Security should be need-based. In fact, in many ways it makes sense for those who have failed to plan for their retirement or were unable to do so, to be covered as a large branch of welfare recipients.

The problem is, people have a sense of entitlement when it comes to Social Security. "I paid into that damn thing for 40 &*#@* years, and dammit, I want my money!" Problem is, pretty soon it ain't gonna be there, because we won't be able to keep funding this outdated piece of crap.

Millions of retired Americans are drawing Social Security, and guess what? A great deal of them don't need it. And yet, I don't hear most people saying, "I paid into welfare for 40 I want my money!"

Basically, it's an insurance policy for the needy, that all working people pay the pricetag for. So should it be for Social Security. Who do you know that actually plans for retirement by relying in large proportion or in whole on Social Security? Not many.

So this dinosaur doesn't need to be privatized, or phased out. It's needs to be phased over, to a need-based welfare system dedicated to the elderly. This makes good sense, and that's why it's not going to happen.

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