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A Just War
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A few months after the war and we still haven't found WMD. What have we found?

Last night and this morning on C-Span, they're replaying a documentary from June which shows a glimpse of the aftermath of the war. A lot of coverage is dedicated to the unearthing of mass graves.

Thousands and thousands of Iraqis (and some foreigners, such as migrant Egyptian workers) were slaughtered and dumped in pits for the slightest offense (such as making a joke about Saddam). Such is the testimony of eye-witnesses.

So we haven't found conclusive evidence of WMD yet. But we have found massive evidence pointing to grotesque crimes against humanity.

What gets me are the people harping that they were sold a false bill of goods. Are these people so simple-minded that they can't acknowledge that there can be more than one reason for taking action?

The portrayal of the Bush Administration was that the rationale for the war kept shifting. No. The fact, all along, was that there were many reasons for attacking Iraq and ousting Saddam.

One was constant violation of international will regarding weapons inspections. Another were Hussein's gross human rights violations. To pretend that the overall character of the regime did not contribute to the potential threat is ludicrous. Bush and his cabinet mentioned Hussein's human rights violations in virtually every speech or interview on the topic.

No, we haven't found weapons of mass destruction. But as the director for Doctors Without Borders said in an interview last week, Saddam Hussein himself was a weapon of mass destruction.

Thus far, the war with Iraq has not been fully justified, not until we find comprehensive evidence of weapons and weapon programs (and I still believe we will). But any reasonable, moral person should be able to recognize that the war was just.

Read/Post Comments (16)

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