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N. Korea Seems More Willing to Talk
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Well, sort of...

The Russian Foreign Ministry said Thursday that North Korea supports having six-way negotiations to settle "the current complex situation on the Korean peninsula."

The talks would include the United States, North Korea, Russia, South Korea, China and Japan.

Sounds promising, right? Except they want a non-aggression pact as the price for such a meeting.

Recently, North Korea has signaled its willingness to sit down with the United States and other countries in a multi-lateral format, but only in exchange for a security guarantee from Washington.

Now, one option is to sign a non-aggression treaty and just ignore it. After all, North Korea hasn't lived up to a single agreement in the last 40 years. But see, the world gets upset if the U.S. breaks treaties, and just doesn't seem to mind much when other countries do so.

Again, I ask, not so rhetorically:

Where the hell is the U.N. in all this? North Korea boots out nuclear inspectors, rips out monitoring equipment, and withdraws from the Non-Proliferation Treaty...and not a peep from the U.N.

Not to mention the grotesque human rights violations occuring in that country. So why no formal condemnation? Why no resolution asking them to straighten up and rejoin the community of responsible nations?


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