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The Electoral College
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Yes, I suppose my ranting has a cyclical nature, and it's once again time for me to bitch about the Electoral College, about a year before the next Presidential election.

I heard yet another liberal call into C-Span this morning, howling about how Bush stole the election. These people have a horn that only plays one note, and they think that if they blow hard enough it'll drown out everything else (Hint: It won't. It just makes you loud and obnoxious.)

Now, it seems strange to me that the Democrats are willing to blame hanging chads, voting-booth blocking conspiracies, and the "conservative" Supreme Court (you know, the one that overturned sodomy laws and upheld affirmative action), but I have yet to hear a single Democrat speak out against the real injustice of the last election: The idiotic Electoral College.

In every other election you will ever vote on in this country, from city council to mayor to state representative to U.S. Congress, your vote counts just the same as everybody else's. One person, one vote. But when it comes to the Presidency, we have to have some bullshit redistribution and interpretation of the vote by some intermediaries. It's idiotic.

So why don't members from either of the political parties speak out against repealing something that was never a good idea? Because each side thinks it might help them.

The real problem is, it allows candidates to ignore smaller states and the political minority vote in overwhelmingly Republican or Democratic states. Nobody campaigned in Texas the last Presidential election. Why? Because Bush had already won the state, all or nothing, before anybody went to the ballots. We've got something like 22 million people in this state, but Gore wrote us off because we're Bush's home state. Gore actually ended up getting about 38% of the vote in Texas...not bad, right? But none of those damn votes counted, because the Electoral College makes it all or nothing.

Anyway, I'd just like to hear one Democrat come out against the Electoral College...though I suspect instead the horn will continue to bleat.

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