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Thou Shalt Not Comingle Church and State
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More on that wacky Alabama judge Roy Moore and his attempt to keep the Ten Commandments in front of the state judicial building.

Alabama's chief justice filed an emergency appeal Wednesday with the U.S. Supreme Court to prevent the removal of a monument inscribed with the Ten Commandments that is on display in the state's judicial building.

I truly hope the Supreme Court smites this idiocy down.

Supporters of the monument continue holding round-the-clock candlelight prayer vigils outside the judicial building. Several preachers led a group of about three dozen people in prayer.

"Supporters of the monument"? You know, folks, if you like the thing so damn much, have it moved to your front lawn, or the front of your church.

The state ain't saying you can't worship whatever you want to. They're just saying that you don't get to use your fellow citizens' tax dollars to advertise your particular superstitions on the steps of government buildings.

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