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More on Moore
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Alex Knapp cites SpinSanity on Michael Moore:

As we first documented, when "Bowling for Columbine" was released in theaters, it featured a 1988 Bush-Quayle ad called "Revolving Doors", which criticized a prison furlough program in operation when Michael Dukakis was governor of Massachusetts. Though Horton was furloughed under the program in question, the ad did not explicitly mention him, unlike the more famous ad aired by the National Security Political Action Committee, which had close ties to Bush media advisor Roger Ailes.

But because this part of "Bowling" attempted to show how portrayals of black men are used to promote fear in the public, Moore apparently inserted the caption "Willie Horton released. Then kills again." into the ad, using a text style nearly identical to the ad's original captions. A casual viewer would assume that the text was part of the original ad. The fictitious caption more directly connecting Bush to Horton is used to back up Moore's statement, which runs over the sequence, that "whether you're a psychotic killer or running for president of the United States, the one thing you can always count on is white America's fear of the black man."

However, according to the archived video of the ad linked above, media reports and interviews with a high-level Dukakis official and political experts, the caption did not appear in the original ad. Moreover, it was incorrect -- Horton raped a woman while on furlough, but he did not commit murder.

In a tacit acknowledgment that the caption was both phony and factually incorrect, Moore has altered the text in the DVD version. The caption now reads "Willie Horton released. Then rapes a woman."

This, to me, epitomizes the idiocy of Michael Moore. I remember seeing the Willie Horton ads when I was in school. They were gutter leavings. They were sickening mudslinging. Bush Sr. ran one of the most disgusting campaigns of the 20th century against Michael Dukakis, and yet nobody really cared. It worked, after all.

So why make shit up? This is the main thing that pisses me off about Moore. He distorts things when he doesn't have to. The truth is damning enough without twisting it.

Too bad Moore can't stick to it. He'd be a hell of a lot more compelling.

Read/Post Comments (3)

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