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Bush's Speech to the U.N.
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Here it is, hot off the virtual presses.

And here, again, is Bush's justification for the war, a simple but powerful logic that I happen to agree with fully:

The regime of Saddam Hussein cultivated ties to terror while it built weapons of mass destruction. It used those weapons in acts of mass murder, and refused to account for them when confronted by the world. The Security Council was right to be alarmed ... The Security Council was right to demand that Iraq destroy its illegal weapons and prove that it had done so.

The Security Council was right to vow serious consequences if Iraq refused to comply. And because there were consequences, because a coalition of nations acted to defend the peace, and the credibility of the United Nations, Iraq is free, and today we are joined by representatives of a liberated country.

You can argue about the semantics of "serious consequences" until you're blue in the face. And you can try to convince everyone within earshot that because we haven't found biological or chemical arsenals that they never existed. And you can argue about our progress in stabilizing and rebuilding Iraq in the last few months.

But the simple fact is that if we had not sent masses of troops to the region, and pressed the issue in the U.N., inspectors would never have set foot on Iraqi soil. And if we hadn't pressed the issue further, 1441 would never have been tabled, much less passed unanimously. And if we hadn't acted to enforce U.N. Resolution 1441, no one else would have, and Saddam would still be in power, still defying international will, still siphoning revenues off the oil-for-food program, still illegally selling oil to Syria and Turkey, still murdering or imprisoning and torturing anyone who disagreed with him, still using rape as a political weapon, still crushing Iraq under an iron heel.

And now, though he may be running around the countryside coordinating attacks against pipelines, U.N. offices, and U.S. soldiers, he's no longer in power. And that's a very good thing.

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