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Monkey Cyborgs
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Yep...they're already here:

Monkeys that can move a robot arm with thoughts alone have brought the merger of mind and machine one step closer.

In experiments at Duke University, implants in the monkeys' brains picked up brain signals and sent them to a robotic arm, which carried out reaching and grasping movements on a computer screen driven only by the monkeys' thoughts.

I balk somewhat at the experimental implantation of electrodes in primate brains, but this does strike me as important work. The article points out that this research will probably lead to the next generation of prosthetics.

"For nearly completely paralyzed people, this promises to be a fantastic boon," said Dr. Jon Kaas, a psychology professor at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, who is familiar with Dr. Nicolelis's research. "A person could control a computer or robot to do anything in real time, as fast as they can think."

Of course it's going to be a few years before you're able to wire yourself up to your own personal robotic sidekick...but it's a realistic possibility now.

I want one with a flamethrower and taser that wrong?

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