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Bipartisan Pussitude
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The Senate recently approved the $87.5 billion Iraq aid package already passed by the House. But as this Washington Post editorial points out, it was done in pure chickenshit fashion.

By rejecting the normal option of a recorded vote, America's senators decided that they did not want to be held individually accountable for our continuing presence in Iraq. That decision speaks far louder than their decision to actually fund our forces there and the Iraqi reconstruction.

Yep, only the feeble curmudgeon Senator Robert Byrd stood up and yelled "No!" when dissenting votes were asked for, so in that sense the attempt to mask who voted for what was a failure. Most Senators, on both sides of the aisle, probably wanted at least a handful of No's to ring out, so that it wouldn't be completely clear who voted which way. But with only one dissenting vote, it was painfully clear.

These cowardly assholes didn't want it to be known that they wouldn't pass the spending, but they didn't want to be associated with passing it either.

Now that's representing your constituency.

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