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Master and Commander
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Well, Christopher Hitchens didn't like this film, but it seems like his criticism is based mostly on the film's inability to reflect the depth and subtley of plot and characterization from the 20-book series the movie is based on.

He also criticizes it for toning down the gore, swearing, and buggery, even though a scene involving the amputation of a boy's arm is included. I haven't read the books, but I think the film struck a nice balance between realism and general-audience entertainment. I'm sure life at sea was even rougher and nastier than was depicted in the film, but to really depict historical conditions probably would have earned an NC-17 rating. Personally, I was amazed that a Hollywood film could do as well a job with regard to historical realism as they did.

I thought it was a fine movie. Interesting relationships, great depiction of early-1800s naval engagements, and a trip to the Galapagos.

Most people gripe about the handling of translating a single novel into a film, much less a 20-book series. I doubt many fans of the books would be completely satisfied with the movie, but it's a good film nonetheless.

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