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Joan of Arcadia
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Home for the Thanksgiving holidays, and Friday night there was a rerun of the premiere of Joan of Arcadia, a popular new show about god appearing to a teenage girl.

I didn't make it through the whole thing. At one point, after god has just appeared to her, she goes into her brother's room to ask him about the scientific plausibility of such a thing occurring. He is a self-professed "man of science".

"Do you believe in god?" Joan asks him.

He pauses for a minute. "Sure," he says. "It's logical, after all. If you believe in physics, as I do. And you believe in the special theory of relativity, as I do. How could you argue with that?"

Um...yeah. How could you argue with that?

I guess this is what one gets when they turn to network television for either sound theology or science.


Read/Post Comments (4)

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