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Found in a Hole
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It's great to wake up on a Sunday morning, turn on the TV, and witness a wonderful historical moment.

They found him in a hole.

First reports probably won't be very accurate, but it's curious that he was taken alive. Either they caught him napping near the air vent, or he's such a vain, cowardly son-of-a-bitch that he couldn't stand to kill himself.

The Command Post is a great aggregation of news as it rolls in, in case you want one-stop shopping on the story. One source is reporting that one of his wives turned him in. Again, don't know if that's true, but it would be interesting.

John Kerry, probably already scheduled to make the rounds on the morning shows, admitted that this was good news, then went on to talk about how this was a chance for Bush to "get it right" by really internationalizing the reconstruction. But I think Bill Kristol put it best this morning when he said the most important thing to do the next couple of weeks was not reach out to other countries (which have already been reached out to extensively, but who simply don't want to help unless they can do it for profit, without risk), but to exploit this moment politically and militarily with the Iraqis.

It's a time to bring Iraqis to the table like never before, to really reach out to the leaders of disparate Iraqi groups and bring them in under the umbrella. And it's a great time to step up military operations, while the insurgents are stunned and demoralized. What the Red Cross or UN or France does or does not do over the next couple of weeks has little to do with the future success of Iraq. I think that's right.

Either way, whatever the analysis, this is good news.

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