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Sawyer Interviewing Bush
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Yeah, I watched the interview last night.

It's obvious that our President, while becoming increasingly adept at planned speeches, still isn't a very articulate man off the cuff. Sawyer asked him about six times in a row about WMD, and he did a poor job of addressing the key issues, simply repeating the same talking point over and over.

The statement making headlines is Bush's assertion that Saddam deserves "the ultimate penalty", in other words: death. But he was careful to qualify that it wasn't his decision to make. While I agree that if anyone deserves death, it's Saddam Hussein, I disagree with the death penalty, and in this case I think it would be best for Hussein to rot in a jail cell, with no access to family or journalists, for the rest of his hopefully short life.

Diane Sawyer asked Bush about the Democratic candidates, and he said he'd pay attention when they'd finally chosen one for him to run against.

She asked him about gay marriages, and he said he would support a Constitutional amendment "to protect the sanctity of the institution of marriage". Blech. She pointed out that previously he'd said that marriage was an issue for the states to decide, and he said something about "not when they undermine it as an institution". In other words, it becomes a Federal issue when I disagree with the way they're handling it. Double blech.

I didn't really like the format of the interview. It was choppy and interspersed with poorly-edited clips, and they flip-flopped between Bush-only segments, and those with the First Lady.

Overall it just wasn't a very good interview. But today Bush is speaking on the 100th anniversary of the Wright Bros. flight. There's been rampant speculation that he'll announce a new direction for the U.S. space program, perhaps a moon base, perhaps a Mars mission. John Travolta's even going to be

We'll see what he says (Bush, not Travolta).

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