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Predictions for '04
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I think it's a silly thing to do, so what the hell...

Gazing into my crystal ball, I predict:


  • Howard Dean becomes the Democratic nominee for President, and despite the recent dust-up, picks Wesley Clark as his running mate.
  • In his first Presidential debate against Bush, Dean says at least one purely idiotic thing that sends his numbers tumbling.
  • George Bush destroys Dean in a landslide.
  • In his first full year as governor of California, Schwarzenegger actually does a pretty good job. But at least one civil suit is filed against him for sexual harassment, he testifies in a deposition, then settles.
  • Hillary Clinton starts running for President.


  • Coalition forces capture the remaining insurgent leadership, but not before one or more of the Iraqi Governing Council are assassinated. Low-level violence continues throughout the year, spiking briefly during the first national elections, which take place near the end of next year, after our own elections. But political and economic rebuilding continue at a steady pace.
  • A European country becomes a major target for a terrorist attack.
  • Terrorists attempt simultaneous attacks on American soil, but are foiled.
  • North Korea initially agrees to a disarmament treaty, then pulls out at the last minute. Skirmishes erupt along the South Korean border, but not full-scale war.
  • The number of new AIDS cases rises worldwide by 30% by the end of next year, nearly doubling in China and India.

Science and Technology

  • Stem cells are used to repair damaged heart and brain tissue in mice.
  • China attempts two more manned flights. One ends in failure, killing a Taikonaut and setting back the Chinese space program.
  • All entrants fail in the DARPA Grand Challenge
  • Tablet PCs overtake laptop sales by the end of next year.
  • The first endangered species is successfully cloned.


  • Lord of the Rings: Return of the King sweeps the Oscars, winning Best Picture and Best Director.
  • FOX is sued for fraud over one of its dumbass reality TV shows.
  • A Grand Jury indicts Michael Jackson, but when the case goes to trial, he is found not guilty.


  • Green Bay wins the SuperBowl.
  • The Oakland A's win the World Series. Neither the Cubs nor the Red Sox make it to the World Series. Neither do the Yankees.
  • Andre Agassi retires.
  • The Olympics are not the target of terrorist activity. The U.S. wins the most medals, followed by China.

So there you have it. We'll see how I stack up against the other psychics and seers at the end of next year.

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