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As the World Fails North Korea
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I've railed against the international apathy towards North Korea in the past, the U.N.'s utter failure to do anything, or even issue a formal condemnation, regarding the ongoing atrocities there.

If you're one of those that argues that international world bodies are the solution the ills of the world, can you please explain to me what the hell the U.N. is doing about this, from a former North Korean camp guard:

Torture, he says, was routine. "Prisoners were like pigs or dogs. You could kill them without caring whether they lived or died.."


He says he witnessed chemical experiments being carried out on political prisoners in specially constructed gas chambers.

Apparently, the experiments included the gassing of men, women, and children.

As Meryl Yourish puts it:

But North Korea is not our problem. America is not the world's policeman. We shouldn't act unilaterally. We have starving people here at home to feed. What's the United Nations for, anyway? The Axis of Evil, it's such a simplistic world view.

I'm not arguing for a full-scale invasion next week, but somebody ought to be doing something. And the next time someone argues that the U.N. is an effective internationl organization, ask them what in the hell the U.N. is doing about North Korea.

Read/Post Comments (14)

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