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President Mismatch
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I generally despise those little quizzes that tell you which candidate most matches your views...because a lot of them are programmed by Libertarians or other partisan individuals that tell you "You match Harry Browne 100%!".

But you'd expect a little more from Time magazine. Time and AOL are sponsoring this little piece of crap, President Match (thanks to Jill for the link).

They have you go through the regular drill...answer whether you favor or oppose particular legislation or political issues. Then they compare how your answers match those of the Presidential candidates, including George Bush.

So I went through the quiz, answered honestly, then was surprised to see a result of 100% match with John Kerry.

Now what would this indicate to you? That John Kerry and I agree on all the issues, right? Well, I knew that was bullshit, so I double-checked my answers against Kerry's.

Over and over they didn't match.

I strongly favor a ban on Partial Birth abortions.
Kerry strongly opposes one.

I strongly favor abolishing the death penalty.
Kerry strongly opposes doing so.

I strongly favor the war in Iraq.
Kerry slightly opposes it.

I strongly favor raising the retirement age.
Kerry strongly opposes it.

There are 15 main issue categories, and 45 specific issues. By no standard do my views match Kerry's 100%.

The test is broken.

Just as an example, I answered every single question "Strongly Oppose", and weighted every issue as very important.

The results: 100% match with George Bush. Interesting to know that Bush opposes about half of his own policies and positions.

I expect this kind of half-ass, hacked-together on-line quiz from a cheesy site, but Time? Jeez.

Read/Post Comments (6)

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