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Catholic Depravity
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Here's the Vatican's take on child molestation...that a zero-tolerance policy is too strict.

A report on child sexual abuse that the Vatican released today found fault with and challenged American bishops' zero tolerance policy of seeking to remove from ministry any Roman Catholic priest who has abused a child.

The 219-page report, titled "Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church: Scientific and Legal Perspectives," cast that policy as an overreaction by Catholic leaders in the United States to a public outcry and as a potentially counterproductive way to keep children safe from sexual abuse.

Yeah...cause we don't want to be too hard on child molesters. Do you believe this shit?

I mean, hey...cut the priest some slack. He only fucked one kid.

The report included expressions of concern that sexually abusive priests who are cast out of ministry and pushed away from the Roman Catholic Church might be more likely to abuse again, due to their isolation and a lack of monitoring of their behavior.

Yes, because we know how well the Church does at "monitoring" (i.e., sending the priest to another parish where nobody knows he's got a thing for little boys).

And if you're worried about him abusing more children, here's a novel fucking idea: Call the police. Put the sick fuck away for a couple dozen years, and if/when he ever gets out, make sure he in no way, shape, or form has access to children as part of his job.

And millions of people worldwide look to these idiots for moral guidance?

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