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Busy, Busy Pope
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Watching the Catholic uppity-ups on shows like Meet the Press makes me want to barf. This Sunday was no exception.

MR. RUSSERT: The laity is organizing and speaking out. This is the Voice of the Faithful, a group that started in Boston. It has now spread around the country. A full-page ad in today's New York Times: "Our trust has been violated but not our faith." And, Cardinal McCarrick, what they ask for is for the pope, John Paul II, to meet with the delegations of victims and survivors of sexual abuse to begin the reconciliation. Would that be a good idea?

CARD. McCARRICK: Well, I think--of the--let me talk about meeting. This is an interesting group that was started in Boston because they felt the pain of what they had gone through. Throughout the United States, we have archdiocesan pastoral councils. Every parish has a pastoral council. We're talking to our lay people constantly. And the victims are talking to our lay people constantly. To see the Holy Father--the Holy Father knows what's happened. The Holy Father spoke to the cardinals two years ago and made that very strong statement. There is no place in the Catholic priesthood for any priest who would harm a child. Now, that--he knows where we're talking to.

In other words, "Blah, blah," So Tim asks again:

MR. RUSSERT: But symbolically for him to meet victims would send a message that the Vatican gets it.

CARD. McCARRICK: Well, it's certainly an idea. Of course, the Holy Father has so many problems from all over the world that he handles. Would it be good for him to do this? Well, I'm sure if the Holy Father were--had the opportunity, he would love to do something like this.

The Holy Father has so many problems from all over the world that he handles? Like fucking what? Is he curing world hunger? Brokering a solution to the North Korean nuclear crisis?

And there may be lots of problems in the world, but how about dealing with the ones you made?

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