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The Look of a Dog Being Washed
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From this article by Hitchens on John Kerry, comes my favorite expression of the week:

Kerry has the look of a dog being washed when warfare comes up as a subject, and he also looks pained and embarrassed at other "hot button" issues, such as gay marriage or tax cuts.

Lots of good stuff in this article, and a fair-minded nod to the fact that there are lots of Americans who simply aren't that crazy about Bush, either:

George W Bush is very vulnerable as a candidate, in my opinion, because so many Americans can't stand the sight or sound of him and because he can be presented as a dull child of dynastic privilege, as well as a man who can't make an honest case for a war.

However, Kerry is richer than Bush and has a wife who is even richer than that.

And he can't make up his mind about the Vietnam war, let alone the Iraq one. Voters may not want a simplistic Commander-in-Chief, but even less do they want an indecisive and dithering one.


Hitchens also points out the very obvious fact that nobody really likes Kerry all that much...even Democrats. Nobody who seems to visit here often (and very many of you are liberal) seem very jazzed about Kerry. A few people have half-heartedly defended him a couple of times...but as Bill Maher points out, isn't what passes for Kerry-love really just Bush-hate?

Does anybody really get inspired when they listen to Kerry? Hell, lower the bar a bit...does anyone not nod off?

I keep hearing people say this is going to be a close election, but I just don't see it. A lot can happen over the next six months, but I think the Bush-hating core of the Left makes up a relatively small contingent. In the end, most voters will lean toward the incumbent, and I think the known quantity, however simplistic or distasteful it may be, will generally appeal to voters. The Bush campaign is already relying on this, with the "Steady leadership in times of change" slogan.

Even those who may not agree with many of Bush's policies will still tend to choose him over the flaky, squishy question mark that is John Kerry.

Read/Post Comments (4)

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