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Yahooligans! Sucks
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The Church of Critical Thinking visits Yahooligans!, "the web guide for kids". Here's what they find:

I typed "critical thinking" into the search engine and was greeted with:

Sorry no results were found matching: critical thinking.


So I wondered what Yahooligans! has listed under "atheism."

Sorry no results were found matching: atheism.

Gee. Maybe religion is a taboo subject on Yahooligans! Let's see... a quick search reveals:

770 website listed under "Religion"
Among them, the following subcategories:
Christianity (405 sites)
Judaism (169 sites)
Islam (47 sites)
Sikhism (5 sites)
Baha'i (5 sites)
Buddhism (25 sites)
...and even a special page called What is Wicca?

Is it possible I misspelled "atheism?" I tried again.

Sorry no results were found matching: atheism.

Oh, wait! What about "atheist"?

Sorry no results were found matching: atheist.

What else might a curious kid search for? "Skeptic"?

Sorry no results were found matching: skeptic.


Sorry no results were found matching: skepticism.

Is there really not a single web site -- or even one web page -- that is suitable for kids who want to learn about atheism? Skepticism? Critical Thinking?

Doing some of my own searches, I get 93 hits for "god", and I note that Yahooligans! has an entire category devoted to astrology, which looks especially tailored to girls (any of you ladies out there find this especially offensive, or is it just me?).

The COCT makes some good suggestions, including asking you to pay a visit to the Yahooligans! Suggest a Site page and suggest some sites that (gasp!) introduce kids to skeptical or critical thinking, such as debunker James Randi's site, updated every Friday (I'm not sure how much this site would appeal to kids, especially younger ones, but there's nothing especially kid-unfriendly about it either [update: So after I post this, I visit Randi's site and one of today's articles is entitled "More Bullshit!"...though descriptive, it's not especially kid-friendly...sigh].

If you have any suggestions, send them to Yahooligans! and let me know...

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