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Mocking Religion
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Kevin Drum thinks it's poor taste, and bad political strategy, for those in his party to make fun of religion:

I too find this puzzling. I'm about as nonreligious as you can get, but even I understand the basics of in-group comedy: only blacks get to make fun of blacks, only Jews get to make fun of Jews, and only religious folks get to mock religion. That's both common sense and common courtesy.


You guys usually try to rip me a new one for criticizing comedians who cross the line. Now here's a liberal suggesting whole swaths of subjects are completely off-limits...unless you're part of the "in-group".

It's both common sense and common courtesy, he says. Does this mean that you shouldn't make fun of politicians unless you hold office yourself? Women shouldn't make fun of men, or vice versa?

I mean, shit...if I can't make fun of the Pope, there goes half my dinner conversation.

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