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Iraq's New Flag
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According to this BBC story, the Iraqi Governing Council has approved a new flag design for Iraq, and lots of people, apparently including a lot of Iraqis, don't like it.

Some don't like it because most of the flags of the region use either green, red, or black as the dominant colors (since these were favorites of Muhammed's). But mostly it seems Arabs don't like it because it's got blue in it...and because the dirty Jew flag has blue in it this is all a Zionist conspiracy to Jewify the new Iraq.

Here's the explanation of the new flag's design:

The flag is mostly white with a blue crescent symbolising Islam. Two blue strips stand for Iraq's rivers while a yellow strip represents the Kurds.

But everybody knows that's bogus. Again, it's all about the Jews.

Seriously...for what it's worth, I think it's a nice looking flag. It's a nice departure from most other countries in the region...and that's a good thing. And it doesn't have "God is Great" emblazoned across it, as the old Iraqi flag used to (Saddam added it in the 80's to make Iraq appear less secular).

Ideally it would have been nice to hold a contest in which people voted for the flag design...but things aren't exactly set up for widescale voting right now. So it makes sense to have a new national symbol for the handover of power, and they could have done a lot worse.

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