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A Few Religious Stories
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From The Church of Critical Thought's last couple of entries:

  • Nancy Pelosi publicly chides Jim McDermott for saying the Pledge without "under god" (doesn't the argument go that if you want to omit the phrase, you're free to do so?) And how pathetic does this make the Democratic leadership look? I thought liberals were supposed to stand up for First Amendment rights...
  • The Florida Senate opens all its sessions with a prayer. Recently, an Orlando minister invited to lead the prayer accidentally slipped in a mention of "Jesus Christ"...whoops! Pissed off the six Jews in the Florida Senate. But apparently there aren't any open atheists or agnostics serving in the Florida Senate...
  • And finally, in a recent survey, atheists were at the ass-end of the results for a question asking how much the respondents thought a given group shared their vision of American society. As the COCT points out, the furor over the Pledge has shown that many Americans view this country as a Christian one, not one with a secular government and strong laws to protect the separation of church and state. Nice, huh?

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