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What Means This "Public" Radio?
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So in the past two weeks I've heard ads on NPR for both McDonald's ("This portion of NPR is brought to you by...McDonald's. Start your day with a breakfast from...McDonald's.") and Wal-Mart ("Brought to you by...Wal-Mart, working to promote the advancement of its employees through educational programs. Learn more at Wal-Mart dot com.").

To which I say: What the...?

I realize these aren't full-blown ads, but the fact is that they are ads, which means that NPR is not only not just funded with public funds, but that in part it is funded by giant corporations...the giantest of them all!

And then this morning I hear a promo for a story on Wal-Mart's unscrupulous business practices. What gives?

Why is NPR always begging for my money if they're getting paid by McDonald's and Wal-Mart? I think I also heard an ad for Ford a while back, too. At what point are they no longer considered public radio?

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